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What is Loh-E-Mahfooz?

Allah is Aleem, his knowledge is infinite. He has given knowledge of living/Universe to Adam. Allah always had knowledge of the Universe. When God (Allah) wished that he should be recognized through his virtues then he created the Universe and individual conscious was created. God said "KUN" (which is command by Allah). Then the image of the Universe through his virtues of Aleem were displayed on the Loh-I-Mahfooz. In other words, Loh-I-Mahfooz is the Screen, where Allah/God’s knowledge of the Universe is displayed. Human’s super-conscious has a mirror image of Loh-I-Mahfooz is the mirror image of whole Universe, hence it contains all the knowledge of every object/thing present in the Universe. When someone wants to recognize himself then he will see the image of himself in his super conscious. This helps him to understand the aim/objective of his creation and God/Allah’s commands are to become evidently clean to him. To understand and utilize the written language of Loh_I Mahfooz, it is essential to know about its terminology/language. As a mirror image of Loh-I-mahfooz is present in our Super-conscious, hence, it is important that we build up links with our super-conscious. To build up these links, we have to go through the process of Muraqba.
Every materialistic thing/object of the world is an image of these things/object present in Loh-I-Mahfooz.
Loh-I-Mahfooz knowledge goes through many steps and processes before being imprinted in this world.
For example, it takes nine months for a child’s development, before it is born. It starts its process from genes to chromosomes. Which, which forms sperm/egg. Once the egg is fertilized, it results in a zygote, which develops over a period of time to form an Embryo, resulting in a child fully developed and born in nine months. If we want to know the reality of a child, , we do have to see backwards, from a child, embryo, zygote, egg/sperm, chromosomes and genes. Similarly, to understand the worlds conscious mind and to find its own identity and reality, then it has to move backwards from a materialistic self to an inner self. This helps to understand and recognize for the reason of our creation in this Universe.
To understand the creation and knowledge of the Universe, God has given four types of Power of Conscious.
Superior-Super-conscious-power Super-Conscious-power Sub-Conscious-power Conscious-power "Everything’s origin is from God and would ultimately return towards God." In other words, the source of origin for everything is from god and when we try to find the ways to reach towards God, then we move from conscious power. All these conscious power helps us to recognize God’s virtues.
Conscious Power
Is the knowledge of matter, which helps us to understand the world.
Is the knowledge of the Universe.
Super-Conscious Power.
Is the knowledge of the virtues of God.
Superior-super-conscious Power
Is the knowledge of God himself through the conscious awareness, we can recognize our inner self and would be able to know about other conscious powers.
As already mentioned, source and origin of everything is God and as we start recognizing ourselves, then we move towards recognizing God. Conscious and mind is nothing except knowledge and knowledge is one of the virtues of God. God’s virtues and reality is Light and Tajilli. Every conscious power is a stream of light and it is full of knowledge for all the things. For example, conscious power is the light which consist of knowledge of all the matter. Similarly, all the four conscious powers are four streams of light/Tajilli. Every Tajilli has a variety of knowledge’s within them, as written above. When Light of the Tajilli travels and reaches the earth it displays the knowledge. For example, when the projector is used to play a film, then a picture/image of all the characters are displayed on the screen. The whole earth/Universe is in fact a screen, where God’s Tajilli and knowledge is being displayed.
Our sight after visualizing and encompassing these displays, reaches towards its source of energy. When conscious becomes familiar with Tajilli virtues, then it become evident recognize God’s virtues and qualities.
The concept for a Muraqba was already described in the earlier pages of this essay. Through the process of Muraqba, we concentrate our thoughts on a central point. As the mind develops its concentration on the central point, then this centrality evolves around God’s knowledge and then this central point radiates out God’s knowledge with gradual and serious thought towards the centrality of this point and discloses inner knowledge. In other words thoughts from superior super conscious enters to super conscious power, then sub conscious power and then conscious power, resulting in awareness of the true concept of self, which in reality it is nothing but god alone. Through these processes, humans become aware of their own role as stage actors, who are performing their part of the play as described by God. It also helps to acknowledge that the whole Universe is full of God’s light. Muraqba helps to make direct contact with god.
During the process of Muraqba, our thoughts are concentrated towards God and these thoughts start travelling deeply into central points and it keeps on increasing its depth and spread as our thoughts developed. Eventually, this central point, which is full of light covers our four types of conscious powers. In other works, light of our thoughts encircles all the four conscious powers and absorbs these conscious powers. When this stage of complete absorption of our conscious powers are achieved, it is the ultimated developmental stage of our conscious. Here thoughts and its light interact with Tajilli and as a result of it, the light of thought is absorbed in the light of Tajilli. Tajilli is, in fact an image of God. As the light of thought completely merged within the light of Tajilli then human’s thought vanishes into the God’s thought and the human becomes an effective medium of God’s will.
As darkness disappears in the sunlight, similar thoughts of the Universe disappear in the thoughts of god. Tafakur of God is infinite, vanishes into infinite then only infinite is left and of course infinite is God and his knowledge. The practice of Muraqba encourages the Tafkur of finite and this develops mind to concentrate on the knowledge of infinity. Universe is finite while God and his knowledge is infinite. When Tafakur of the Universe fulfils its objective then it enters into an unlimited state. This is the law of nature that everything eventually returns to its origins. Every contemplation has originated from unlimited and after performing displays of its knowledge in a limited state, it disappears back to its origin which is unlimited. As a result of Muraqba, we learn about the concept and principles of Isim-I-Allah, which were given by God to all the hmans.
Humans become superior to all other organisms of the Universe, because they could use and practice the conscious knowledge given to them by God. This enables humans to be the ruler (Khalifa) over all other creatures of the Universe. After practicing Muraqba, people become aware of their inner self, its abilities and power. It also enables them to control and use its unlimited power. As long as we use these skills and processes with our determination, our conscious power can observe unseen knowledge.